Corporate Social Responsibility


A strong commitment to responsible corporate citizenship

BNP Paribas Cardif follows an exemplary politics related to Corporate social responsibility, focused on responsible products and services, promotion of diversity, local environment initiatives and support for economical and financial education.

BNP Paribas Cardif is involved in projects which try to improve fields such as education, environment, social background, health and human rights. A few examples of activities dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibilty in Romania: social actions in favour of orphanages and Emergency Hospital Floreasca, collaboration with United Way Foundation in view of supporting different projects in the areas of education, health and social and professional reinstatement, and environmental actions such as recycling of paper, plastic or printer cartridges.

Supported by United Way, BNP Paribas Cardif initiated a volunteer and fundraising campaign for those in need. Having as motto "Every good deed is rewarded! Help us bring a smile on a child's face!" the volunteers of BNPP Cardif gave up their plans for the week-end, dedicating their whole energy and know-how to preparing some sweet goods - home-made cakes, fresh lemonade - which they served (for a symbolic price) to the tenants in Banul Antonache building. The fundraising campaign for the education of children and teenagers from disadvantaged families was a real success, amounting to 1250 lei, the equivalent of 125 lunches, in just one day.

BNP Paribas Group hosted during May 17th - 25th the second edition of the Tennis Tournament, at Sport Fit Tei Complex. The competition lasted for several days, with 24 participants at the start. All the competitors showed fair play, in spite of the tight matches, the hours of training before the competition being decisive for the selection of the winners. The tennis tournament is a competition meant to promote the tennis as a nice, fun and healthy way of spending the time and to encourage all the participants to become better, through the sporting spirit and the competitiveness it implies.